"Charlie" a HIT!

This song came together with a single tweet from our friend @SatoshiLite, Mr. Charlie Lee. The bubble was peaking when Charlie announced that he was selling his entire stash of Litecoin causing a mass panic even as often seen in Crypto. People were distraught! How could Charlie do this to us! We loved him! Alas -- a song was born.

CoinDaddy recruited the wonderful Tatiana Moroz to sing the hook after much cajoling. She was unsure about doing a parody track but because of my raw charisma and hairy chest she agreed. We originally met through the organizer of the SF Bitcoin Meetup and after several strategically timed tweets the magic happened. 

The song had actually been completed for a bit over 3 weeks. My original intention was to shoot this as the first official CoinDaddy music video but because of travel, conferences, meetings with the production companies, and flaking, the video process ended up taking too long. I made the decision to release the track on its own and I'm glad I did because its a HIT BABY!

Thanks to the awesome Adam Back @adam3us, Charlie Lee himself tweeted out the song showing an awesome sense of humor and fun. It was a really big milestone for the brand as now more and more people are aware of CoinDaddy.

Until next time! Stay Crypto Pimpin'