CoinDaddy (Coin Daddy), Arya Bahmanyar, is a Cryptocurrency rapper, entertainer, artist, musician, and media figure. An early investor in Bitcoin, CoinDaddy has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2013. 


From his humble beginnings making songs for crypto traders in Internet chatrooms, CoinDaddy quickly rose to fame for his bombastic and outlandish personality. He has been featured in The New York Times, CNBC, Bloomberg, XXL Magazine, VICE, amongst other publications.

Who is CoinDaddy and where the hell did he come from? Does he have money? Is he real? Nobody really knows. It seems that his story changes as often as the Bitcoin price.

Before he was CoinDaddy, Arya graduated from George Washington University, magna cum laude, started several different companies and working in Hollywood, Real Estate, and most notably assembling a Board of Directors for a Pharmaceutical company that participated in the auction for a $7.2B Healthcare transaction. 

What happened for him to turn into CoinDaddy the world may never know.

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CoinDaddy is currently exploding onto the scene; performing shows, speaking at conferences, producing original content, and creating art meant to show the world how to live the Crypto Life. 

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